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1:1 Pixel output and nearest neighbor support

I usually rip sprites and things like that, and having the ability to disable layers in emulators like Exodus is a godsend, but since Exodus is outputting with bilinear filtering and a window size that we can't really control accurately, it falls short on what I want to do with it. Obviously having it recording the raw output in a lossless avi file would be better, but I'm not asking that much, just by having the raw output I could find a way to record it with fraps or whatever.

I apologize in advance if there's actually a way to do this, but I searched the menus from one end to the other and couldn't find it, nor any reference to it in the settings files.
Anyways, great job so far, unbelievably good piece of software.

Secret Admirer , 03.10.2014, 02:20
Response from the site administrator
Nemesis1207, 01.05.2015
Support for this was added in Exodus 2.0
Idea status: completed


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