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Add relative search inside the editors windows

When I'm debugging a compression rotine, I'd like to search, for example, some text inside the Ram. So a relative search inside the Memory Editor Windows would be very usefull, because this way I don't need to dump the Ram and open it using an external hex editor. This also could be usefull in several other cases.
Other types of search are desirable too, like Hex search, decimal search, etc....

Douglas , 01.05.2013, 12:40
Idea status: under consideration


Nemesis1207, 20.05.2013, 10:12
I hope to do this eventually, but it'll probably be a little while away yet. As an alternative for now, I tried to make sure using the clipboard for cut and paste would work, so rather than having to actually save out to an external file and load it into an external editor, you should be able to use the clipboard to quickly transfer the data into an external editor of your choice. You may need to use a "Paste Special" option or the like to get it to work. Any hex editor that can take a string containing hex data and paste it will work. I know Hex Workshop for example can be used in this manner.

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