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Port this over to the Mac

I used to own a Windows PC, but now I don't any more. It would be a good idea if you get someone to port the emulator to the Mac, so anyone using a Mac can try it out.

Katakis , 01.05.2013, 10:47
Idea status: under consideration


KingOfChaos, 01.05.2013, 13:38
You'd probably need a high-end Mac to get full speed. :P
Katakis, 01.05.2013, 22:14
I have a Core i7/32GB/nVIDIA GeForce 675MX. Is that high-end enough? :P
KingOfChaos, 02.05.2013, 00:03
Depends on the CPU's generation and clock speed.
zxpektro, 17.08.2013, 00:57
Mac version is needed very much .
A lot of good developers don't use Win crab.
Just hungry sole-less win professional money makers and stupid experience-and-head-less students/newbies develop for Win. My device has 4.2Ghz 2600K 16Gb ddr3 is it enough for this piece of win software? One should be very ignorant (or just be not able) to develop nowadays only for win. it's shame.

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