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Built in generic platform video recording

Recording the output audio and video directly within the emulator is a very useful feature that is already present in a number of other popular emulators. Supporting it within the generic emulation platform would guarantee that every system that may eventually be added would be able to be recorded. On top of recreational uses, such a feature would also simplify things like bug reports by being able to easily show the incorrect behavior.

TrivialMan, 30.04.2013, 17:32
Idea status: under consideration


TrivialMan, 30.04.2013, 17:44
Since these are tangential to the overall request for video recording I didn't mention this in the actual request, but a robust stock of options for such a feature would be very desirable.
For example:
- Selection of output container
- Selection of recording codecs
- Ability to choose dimensions of video
- Ability to choose quality of audio and video
- Whether or not other emulator features like shaders (or something similar that may eventually be implemented), sprite boxing, or disabling layers are included in the video regardless of whether they are enabled or not as the video is recorded

But I don't know how feasible such features may be, nor how difficult it may be to implement them beyond simple recording.
NeoLogiX, 01.05.2013, 02:33
Maybe see how RetroArch does video recording for some "inspiration" eh? ;)

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