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Pro Action Replay/Game Genie code searching/creation support

If/when Exodus supports Game Genie and Pro Action Replay codes, the system should be expanded to support cheat searching and creation as well. Currently I'm thinking any type of cheat searching feature should meet the following criteria;

1) Should be able to search for and create ROM (Game Genie) and RAM (Pro Action Replay) patch codes. For many emulators it's usually one or the other, so this can be very useful for real hardware testing with both types of cheat enhancer devices. If the Saturn and Dreamcast are added somewhere down the road, then cheat code support for GameShark/Action Reply could be very handy too.

2) Shouldn't be limited to just the Genesis/Mega Drive, but should also apply to the Master System, SG-1000, Game Gear, Sega CD, 32X, etc.

3) Cheat creation should be aimed towards both beginners and seasoned cheat hackers. An interface that provides ease of use with guidance and direction would be nice for beginners. Kega's CodeFinder option comes to mind here, as it guides users to creating the type of cheats they desire. Of course an "advanced" mode can be handy for those who know what they're doing. Just a balance would be nice - everyone would win in this scenario.

KingOfChaos, 27.04.2013, 07:28
Idea status: under consideration


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