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Emulate SEGA LD/Pioneer LaserActive

Emulate the SEGA LD/Pioneer LaserActive hardware. It is probably the most obscure system add-on and currently the least known to the general public. I propose this hardware configuration simply because it currently has the least support of any SEGA game console.

Gen89 , 25.04.2013, 10:12
Idea status: under consideration


Gen89, 25.04.2013, 16:36
Nemesis, did you ever get a working dump/rip of a real LD game? What formats did you choose to rip analog video and digital data in? How is your dumping process so far? Could that be compatable with this project?
Nemesis1207, 28.04.2013, 14:18
Yes, I did manage to successfully rip Space Berserker. I dumped the raw digital sector data and TOC information out from the disk. I took some analog video rips, but never completed a "final" version of the video rip I was entirely happy with. This project got temporarily shelved due to a lack of time to work on it, and when I had more time again, I chose to pursue getting my emulator released rather than continuing work on ripping the MegaLD disks at the time. I will start this project up again soon though.

As for emulating MegaLD games, it's certainly possible. The digital rip of Space Berserker, and the currently available dumps of the MegaLD bios give enough of a starting point for it. MegaCD emulation would have to come first though. The MegaLD hardware just builds on top of the MegaCD hardware.

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