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Step back in debugger.

It would be handy to step back, aka. reverse execution in the debugger. Don't know if that's possible on such accuracy level.


Oerg866 , 24.04.2013, 03:23
Idea status: under consideration


Nemesis1207, 24.04.2013, 09:34
A full-blown rollback feature might be possible, but incredibly CPU intensive and memory hungry.

There are a few features along a similar line right now, in that they try and show you where you've been. There's a "trace" feature, which allows you to see a history of each previous instruction location, as well as a "call stack" feature. This doesn't allow you to see previous register contents though, which is a useful feature that I've considered adding in the past.

What if I extended the call stack and trace features to capture a full register snapshot of the device in question at each recorded point? This would allow you to see the previous state of a given processor back in time. It would not however allow you to see previous memory contents or the state of other devices back in time. Would this be sufficient?
Oerg866, 24.04.2013, 10:02

thanks for your quick reply. The concept, as I was discussing with colleagues when talking about BSNES raised the same problems that probably also in part apply here. The features that you mentioned would be a really good start.

About CPU intensiveness and memory usage... well, it wouldn't be a problem for me, I can say that much, but of course an issue for most people.

The features you've concepted are more than enough to be satisfactory, and I'm really looking forward to any developments in this regards. Looks like this is going to be hell of a debugger :)!


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