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Pro Action Replay/Game Genie patch code support

Exodus currently doesn't support PAR/GG codes. An extension to add support for cheat codes in this format would be handy.

Nemesis1207, 23.04.2013, 16:27
Idea status: under consideration


Sik, 24.04.2013, 03:12
If you ever consider adding Gens/GS-style codes too can you please use a different symbol? Having to guess whether something is a PAR code or not when sharing them is not nice.
KingOfChaos, 24.04.2013, 07:05
Also, if cheat support is added, importing (and perhaps conversion) of Kega PAT files would be handy. As for the format, perhaps Regen's approach would be the best? It'd allow for multiple code cheats and modifiers. I need to point out that if cheat support is added, then it shouldn't be disabled for any added systems in the future, especially the Sega CD even though it never had an official cheat enhancer.
KingOfChaos, 27.04.2013, 07:25
After thinking about this for the last few days, I believe any cheats support should meet the following criteria;

1) Should be applied to any supported system including the Genesis/Mega Drive, Master System, SG-1000, Sega CD, 32X, etc. If Saturn and Dreamcast (and any other systems) are supported sometime in the future, then support for GameShark/Action Replay (maybe CodeBreaker too, depending on the supported system) codes as well.

2) There shouldn't be a code limit. Some emulators cap the amount of cheat codes to 100, which *can* be annoying for ROM hackers.

3) Saved cheat files should be in sub-directories of the main cheats folder with each sub-directories being named for each supported system (genesis/md, 32x, segacd, mastersystem, gamegear, etc.). This is done to prevent clashing of games with similar names for different systems.

4) For the formatting of the cheat codes, a system that allows multiple cheat codes and codes with modifiers would be very handy. Regen's method comes to mind here, but there's probably room for great improvements.

5) Editing cheat codes within Exodus' interface should be straightforward and easy. With some emulators to edit codes you have to exit the emulator completely then edit the file in a text editor, then reopen it again. It can become a hassle when testing new codes.

6) Codes should have an on/off toggle that's remembered the next time you open the game. Yes, this option should be optional for those who don't wish to have enabled codes when starting games.

7) Related to the request above about on/off toggle with it being optional, another toggle that's optional strictly for master code use would be very useful. Especially for region lockouts.

8) Allow importing and conversion of Gens, Kega and Regen cheat code files for Exodus. This would be very nice considering there are cheat code packs out there, like Mightymo's Kega cheat pack. Manually inputting codes from 100s of .PAT files can be very time consuming.

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